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Drop In Center Sandwich Making

Drop In Center Sandwich Making On Saturday February 23 at 3:00pm at Latter-day Saints Church 100 Sunpark Drive S.E we, the All Saints community, along with other interfaith communities in our area will be gathering together to make sandwiches for the drop-in center. Following the sandwich making we will share in food and fellowship (potluck). Pastor Wallace will be engaging you in opportunities to help with this ministry. As well, we invite all of you out to join us in the common ground we share with one another. To feed the hungry. To love our neighbor. To love one another. Please feel free to bring your favorite dish to the potluck.

Last year, All Saints members started a mental health initiative to bring more awareness to our congregation about mental health wellness and to create more opportunities for support for people who are impacted by mental health. January 20th we heard from Dr. Magda Czegledi about depression and it's impact on lives along with suggestions for helping ourselves and others prevent or recover from depression.  If you wish to further your understanding or have more questions or have some answers you may wish to attend her faith based presentations and workshops including:
The Conquerors:  Mental Health Wellness Mondays with Magda
What:  Free interactive session on a mental wellness related topic
When: First Monday evening of the month (7 to 9 pm)
Where:  Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel, 8241-31 St SE Calgary
Registration: NO COSTplease reserve your seat by calling the church at 403 276-WORD, or email Dr. Magda at
Next Sessions: 
Feb 4th      Cultivating Happiness
March 4th  Is Your Smartphone Making you Dumb, Depressed, and Anxious?

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Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR):  Inspired by God's love for humanity, CLWR challenges the causes and responds to the consequences of human suffering and here for current CLWR news briefs

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