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Hearing Stories of Generosity in Our Sacred Scriptures
Join us
Sunday afternoon January 6 to 27 from 1 to 3 pm
to explore the generosity that is within each of us.

Growing in Four Areas of Discipleship
Join us for several opportunities to grow.

Jesus is calling....Read more

Advent Discipleship Challenge 
A four week daily challenge study.

This Advent season we invite you to journey with us as we try to complete the Advent discipleship challenge. Over the next month we will be challenged to dive into our bibles and do a daily bible reading. The readings are on the Christmas story. We will be challenged to pray five times daily. We will be challenged to attend worship regularly. We will be challenged to grow in our giving.
Click here for the readings and the study.

Photo by Matt Atherton on UnsplashPast Sermons 2018
November 4 
November 11
November 18
November 25
December 2
December 9
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