All Saints Lutheran Church - Growing in relationship with Christ, with others, for others

About Us
Pastor Wallace Bornhuse
Pastor Wallace completed his undergraduate degree Psychology at Kings University and completed his graduate training at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon. Before joining All Saints Lutheran Church in July 2016, he served a multi parish in rural Saskatchewan. Some of the areas of his work that he is most passionate about are interfaith and ecumenical dialogue, leading bible studies, missional work, and preaching. He believes we are all welcome into discipleship through God's gracious love, and that we are called to show this same love and welcome to others. His favourite bible verses are Matthew 28:16-20 where Jesus sends us out to continue God's mission in the world, and Romans 3:23-24, where we are reminded of God's gracious love shown to us through Christ Jesus.

To contact All Saints Lutheran Church please click the "Contact Us" link on the right side of this page.  To contact Pastor Wallace directly, please email him at or by calling 403.256.0262.

Tammy Bertschi, Administrator
Tammy completed a Bachelor of Education and was an elementary school teacher before changing her career path and joining All Saints Lutheran Church as our Administrator.  Her many gifts and talents assist the congregation in a myriad of ways and her commitment ensures our church runs smoothly and efficiently. 

All Saints Lutheran Church Governing Board - 2018/2019 

Teddy Pope, Governing Board Chairperson
Pat Rathwell, Vice Chairperson
Daryl Pallesen, Treasurer
church Business Board MeetingsHarvey Rindfliesch, Secretary
Members at large:

Kimberly Kadey
Scott Redpath 
Bart Stolee
Judy Turback

*All Saints Lutheran Church Governing Board meetings are open to all congregational members.  Please email the Board directly to make arrangements for attendance, or with any questions or comments you would like us to receive.
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